Ready for Blastoff 🚀

Pick the Launch Package for Making Your API Developer Experience a Successful Voyage

  • Lunar Starter

    Basic Setup to Launch Your API Experience with Customers
    Valid for 3 months
    • Packaged Code for One-Line of Deployment
    • API Management Service to Support In-House (aka Home-Rolled)
    • Real Time Administrator Branding & Reference Link Updates
    • Pre-Built Customer Administration for Invites and Removal
    • Sandbox and Production Testing Experience
    • Excellent Deployment Documentation
  • Rocketship Pro

    Expansive Boosters to Speed Deployment & Developer Success
    Valid for 3 months
    • (all items in Starter)
    • Auth0 M2M API Credential Mgmt. Plug-In
    • API Gateway (Kong, Apigee, etc.) Credential Mgmt. Plug-In
    • Custom Pages Plug-In
    • 1 Developer Success Journey Recipe
    • Customer Support Package
  • Entreprise Deathstar

    API Experience Setup for Scale Enterprises
    Valid for 3 months
    • (all items in previous plans)
    • "Bring Your Own User Auth" for Customer Teams Plug-In
    • Customer Team Advanced Permissions for API Access
    • Customer Team 2-Factor Authentication
    • Customer Team Notifications Center
    • Unlimited Developer Journey Recipes
    • Multi-Gateway Support
    • API Secrets Expiration and Security Manager
    • Prioritized Customer Support Package