Quick Start Guide


Ready for takeoff? Here is a step-by-step overview of each step you (and your team) can take to launch your branded developer portal. 

Create Your Account

A member of Acme, Inc. signs up for an Astral developer portal account by using their email, creating a password, and naming their branded developer portal (e.g.  https://acme.exp.dev)


Brand Your Developer Portal 

Acme, Inc. adds its branding colors and uploads branding assets (logo, favicon) to result in their customers experiencing a look-and-feel aligned with their brand


Setup Your API Authentication UX

Acme, Inc. enables API credential delivery to their customers within their branded portal by:

  • Creating an application within their auth provider (e.g. Auth0) with access to their auth providers API management API (e.g. creating specific permissions in Auth0 for creating and rotating Client IDs and secrets)

  • In their Astral setup, on the "Link Auth Provider", choosing their integrated auth provider (e.g. Auth0) and connecting their auth provider and Astral with their auth provider API keys

  • Upon approval, Astral will use the auth providers API management API to generate a client ID and client secret for Acme, Inc.'s customers in the Acme Inc. Developer Portal


The resulting setup will allow Acme Inc.'s customers to generate an access token using their client ID and client secret to make an API request directly to Auth0 or proxy through Acme's API itself (for maximum control on security, requests to generate access tokens or to validate access tokens never flow through Astral)


Astral IS strictly a delivery mechanism for API credentials (client id and client secret) generated from your auth service provider (and your auth service provider API credentials) 


Astral IS NOT a code module that wraps authentication for your API


Add Your Documentation Links

Acme Inc. adds pre-configured menu links to their Acme Developer Portal by inputting URL connections for their Documentation (e.g. Readme.io, Swagger, or Gitbook), their sandbox URL, their status page (e.g. Atlassian status), and their community invite link (e.g. Discord or Slack) to result in the Acme Inc. users having URLs behind the titles in the Acme Inc. Developer Portal navigation. 


Connect Your Metrics 

Acme Inc. connects their API metrics via Astral pre-built integrations (e.g. Datadog or Cloudflare) or the metrics SDK to result in the Acme Inc. users metrics on their sandbox and production activity in the Acme Inc. Developer Portal main dashboard. 


Invite Your Customers/Users

Acme Inc. generates a custom invite to the developer teams of each of its customers to access their instance of the Acme Inc. Developer Portal and start integrating. 

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Ready for takeoff? 

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